Jeb Wilkins

Coding and climbing in Cumbria.

Awesome Week on Skye

Just had an awesome holiday on Skye. Met friends up in Glen Brittle and spent a day on the ridge and a day climbing on the Cioch in stunning weather. Woke up to rain the next day so headed to Raasay, a very picturesque island of the coast of Skye where it was still sunny. Stayed there for a couple of days before returning for a mammoth days climbing back on the Cioch - eight 2 or 3 star pitches in a row!

Next day we headed up to the sea cliffs in the north by Neist point, unfortunately it bucketed down just as we turned up but the evening was sunny enough and just sat watching the sun set into the sea, very cool. The last day we cragged on the sea cliffs, we ab’d in belayed in the sun right down by the water on the wave cut platform at Destitution Point (cheery name). Later on we even saw a basking shark go past!

We headed back to sliachan campsite that evening, commenting on how we’d avoided going there in the past because of horror stories about midges and how we’d had no problems. Spoke too soon - midges got in at one in the morning and were eating us alive. We gave up and packed up there and then, drove 3 hours further south to where it was more windy and slept for the remainder of the night before carrying on home.