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Coding and climbing in Cumbria.

FTP Bundle for Textmate

I’ve just added a very simplistic Bundle for Textmate which will upload files when you save them. Its got two commands, one to set the FTP settings, which are just held in a YAML file in the TM Project root (Bundles -> FTP -> Edit FTP Settings). The second command is bound to Command-S so will upload the files when they are saved, if an ftp settings file is present. For those of you used to Dreamweaver and its ilk then the behavior is pretty similar to that.

It doesn’t handle the initial pulling down of the folders of files, there are plenty of good FTP clients out there that will do that for you.

To get the bundle go to

From there you can either download a zip/tarball (click the Download source button) or just do a git clone into your ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles folder.