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A2DP on the Cheap

Wow, its been a while since I last blogged - oh well first new years resolution, start blogging again.

I’ve been wanting a way to broadcast music/film audio from my laptop to my stereo in the living room. I could’ve got an iTrip or similar but having a dongle out the side of the laptop seems kinda clunky, besides the laptop has bluetooth built in. A quick hunt found that most A2DP receivers are pretty expensive, but I could get Belkins first generation TuneStage for IPod pretty cheap (ie 15 - 20 quid) off eBay. A bit more hunting shows why - the transmitter only works with old 3g and 4g ipods, but the receiver part is standard A2DP so works just fine with a computer (and presumably iPhones, Android phones, etc).

To get it going with my Macbook, I needed to pair with the TuneStage RX device (its in discovery mode when the blue light flashes), this failed at first but theres an options button on the failure screen, the magic option was setting it to pair without a passcode. I could then choose the TuneStage from the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar, and use that for audio - at this point the device wanted a second pairing step - requesting a passcode from the laptop, enter 1111 and suddenly the sound is coming out the TuneStage.

So far its working well, sound quality seems fine but its only hooked up to a pair of computer speakers at the moment.