Jeb Wilkins

Coding and climbing in Cumbria.

Lost in Spain

Well the Ski season didn’t last quite as long as planned, the credit crunch hit and the job vanished after the new year rush. Initially I was pretty gutted but as with anything, change brings opportunity.

Rather than race back to England, me and Ellie decided to take an extended climbing trip instead. We’d moved out of our house, quit our jobs and had no fixed costs in England - a rare luxury. So I’m now in Southern Spain, in the Costa Blanca going sport climbing every day. We drove down through France, spending a couple of weeks relaxing near Carcassone before going to Costa Daurada. Unfortunately whilst it was very sunny it was also very windy and bitterly cold so we moved onto to here. Next on the list is El Chorro, beyond that some more travelling I guess.

I’ve rather lucked out and have some freelance work arranged for when I return to England at the end of March but would be keen to hear of any other freelance Rails, PHP or Python work going in northern England.