Jeb Wilkins

Coding and climbing in Cumbria.

Time for a Change

Since last summer I’ve been working on a fairly major Ruby on Rails application for a client of ours, and with that finally having gone live and been running well for a few months it seemed a good time to follow an ambition I’ve had since my days at uni - to do a Ski Season.

So after 3 good years I’ve left Ibex Internet, my former employer and I’m off to work in Courchevel in France with Ellie, my girlfriend, where we’ll be running a Ski Chalet together, following a rather stereotypical pattern of me taking our clients out Skiing during the day and her providing the culinary delights during the evening.

I’m now starting to look to the future and beyond the ski season I’ve got no formal plans, though I’m currently thinking of ‘going solo’ and starting my own business providing programming skills to the various Web Design agencies in the area, and providing RubyOnRails skills to companies from further a field who need them. So if anyone needs a good Rails or PHP programmer next summer I may be your man.