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Refund on Windows Tax

Wow - it actually worked. I got a new shiny new Dell laptop a month ago, which I’d had to buy a copy of Windows with, no option to not purchase, so I’d figured it’d be worth at least trying to reclaim the value of the unnecessary license. At the time I opened the box I dutifully took lots of photos of me booting from the ubuntu cd and reformatting the entire drive. Its taken me most of the last month to get round to writing the letter to Dell and putting the photos on a cd but I finally did that and put the letter in the post on Sunday. Low and behold I got a phone call of them today saying they’d be refunding me the costs of windows, £105 I think - no questions, no hassle.

Hats off to Dell UK, I didn’t think they’d refund the value and certainly didn’t think it would be this easy. I’ve included the wording of the letter below for anyone else wanting to claim the money back on an unused windows license.

` Dell Products c/o Milbanke House Western Road Bracknell Berks RG12 1RD

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’ve recently purchased one of your XPS 1330m laptops. Unfortunately when purchasing the laptop I was unable to order it without the Microsoft Windows operating system. I am a Linux user and hence this is surplus to requirements, I would like to return the included copy of Microsoft Windows and be refunded the costs. What would process should I follow to do this?

Upon aquiring the laptop I was careful to immediately start the laptop from a Linux Installation cd and performed a full reformat of the hard drive during the installation process – the supplied copy of Microsoft Windows has never been started, I did not agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement, and the copy has been removed from the laptop. Please find included a cd of photos taken during the process.

Thank your for your assistance in this matter,

Jeremy Wilkins `