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Sync Program for N800

I’ve got one of these funky N800 tablets which is very cool but one of the things it seems to lack is good file transfer support - if the file manager can access smb shares I’ve not found out how (I know, I know - its unix, we should all be using nfs but I don’t get on too well with nfs’s dumb approach to user ids and besides samba with cifs extensions works really well).

I don’t really want to be copying files around manually anyway, what I want is to create a dropbox (or dropboxes) which i can just put files in and my tablet will then sync with when the interface comes up. I haven’t found any nice tools out there to do this though rsync can obviously do the leg work, hence the thought is to create a nice simple gui app, maybe using the new ruby-hildon bindings, to implement just those functions needed for dropboxes to work. This would definately not be a catch-all rsync front end, just a simple focused program which can sync files up and down using rsync tunnelled through ssh. I’ve not got far yet, only compiled rsync for armel, since the ruby-hildon page appears to be blank but I’m sure there were some docs there a couple of weeks back so hopefully they’ll reappear.

Will have to see if I get any time to work on this in the coming weeks.