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TextMate-Bazaar Log Support

We’ll I’ve reappeared from which ever rock I was hiding under (working actually) and have started looking at the Bazaar Textmate bundle again. Well thanks to the recent release of Safari 3 I’ve got the Log support laying out correctly, still no support for getting diff for a given commit but thats on the horizon now. Thats in the bzr repo at

I’ll do a new zip in the next couple of weeks and put it up on the Bazaar wiki, I’m holding of doing this till I’ve got annotate support working better. I’ve got it semi working at the minute, unfortunately it only works if the file you want to annotate has changes in the most recent commit. I’ll get this fixed next week then put a release up on the wiki. I’ve also found out a bit more about how the works so can improve on our usage of that as well.